Montessori teachers meticulously prepare their classroom environments to nurture each of their students’ physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs. Their methods and materials are carefully designed to stimulate curiosity and engage children of varying backgrounds and learning styles. Consequently, most students thrive in the Montessori environment.

However, sometimes a child’s strongest modes for learning are more difficult to capture; identifying and igniting them may prove to be elusive to the teacher. It is for the benefit of these children and their Montessori teachers that I offer this website.   I have been a Montessori Directress, a Learning Resources Coordinator, a tutor, a formal student of both General and Special Education, and have learned much from my esteemed colleagues.  Drawing from all of these experiences, I share my knowledge here, and hope that it will help to enhance the visiting Montessori teacher’s methods of “clearing a space” for every single child to unfurl their magnificent gifts.

Therese “Trixie” Kelleghan, M.A.T.